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The below Reviews are from Verified Purchases on Amazon

Najja Wright



"This book had my attention from beginning to end. The author lived a very eventful life & greatly impacted the reggae music industry. I had a couple of tear jerking moments reading it. Such a heartfelt, honest, and captivating read! I appreciate him for sharing his story, it’s something that will go down in Jamaican history."

Not 100% sure what I was expecting. But I must say it exceeded my expectations! Andrew Minott has a path as a writer and visionary.

What a great personal story! I read it in one sitting. I could not put it down. Andrew has touched all my emotions….I laughed, I cried, I got angry and I finished the book smiling. The vulnerability that Andrew writes with is refreshing. To hear a man’s point of view about himself and his life struggles and triumphs kept me turning the pages. Great job Andrew!!!

Amazon Customer

Authentic, real and unfiltered. A lot of people can relate to the book.


Wow wow wow!!! This book has really opened my eyes to so many different things that I’ve never even thought too deeply about. Sooo many people can relate to many of the situations in this book… to read a man’s perspective on these different topics was truly eye opening. Excellent job Drew!!


Prove Them Wrong is a deep book that hits emotions.
This book gave me a different perspective on my life and others. Thank you Andrew!!

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